Julliard in Aiken

Performance Events


What Juilliard in Aiken Represents
Juilliard in Aiken is the embodiment of Juilliard’s mission in action. The week long event features public performances, chamber concerts, master classes and outreach to area schools. This project’s true uniqueness and excitement is the partnership between America’s premier conservatory and Aiken, a special southern city with its own charming history. Juilliard’s exclusive collaboration with the Aiken community along with its utilization of Joye Cottage as a retreat for future generations of students and faculty has effectively united the school with Aiken for the benefit of many, and for many years to come.
History in the Making
In March 2009, the Southeast witnessed a historic debut. Juilliard, America’s premier conservatory, joined with Aiken, to create a one-of-a-kind event that celebrated the advancement of the arts and quality of life for our citizens. We are the first and only community in the world with which Juilliard has partnered to create a festival of this magnitude and importance. Aiken is host to students and faculty from the Juilliard School who come to present public performances, and exciting outreach programs that include master classes, workshops, artist residencies, and in-school performances.

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